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Poor customer service and loss of data syncing

Never could get all my appointments synced. Tried my best, but support is poor and slow. After repeated attempts to explain my problem, I gave up.

Good for me

I've been using with ACT! for almost 2years with much satisfaction. I recommend. Hoping for iPad version.

Buy this if you like feeling stupid

I have used this product since it came out about two years ago and the last guy who said it was horrible was being really generous. One of its problem is you have to pay Championlink $100 a year for it to sync wirelessly - which in itself is OK but not when it doesn't work, stops working and there is no support except for support tickets you get but are not answered. Then you fell like you were scammed. Another problem is the interface is not really easy to read and its more PC like than Apple like. Never happy with it but as it was the only fix for the problem of syncing with ACT at the time had to put up with it. Do not buy this unless you enjoy disappointment and being robbed.

It Works For Me

I got 15 categories and over 3,000 contacts that sync wirelessly from Act 6.0. I love it. The problem I was having is the whole categories to groups sync that hasn't been addressed by Apple. For my calendar I use google calendar and I get free push exchange. But google doesn't sync contact groups. Hopefully they fix that. Meanwhile, if Companionlink can offer push or some exchange server access that address the categories-groups, that will be a smart move. Something that I can enter the settings on the iPhone directly and have push contacts with the categories-group sync. Also the company should focus on upgrading the iclink sync software and abandon their Deja Office app. I know of many apps that out perform Deja Office by miles. Stick to what you do best. Finally many companies offer exchange for free or as little as $5 per month. It's only around the corner that they will support proper category-group sync. So drop the price on the wireless service.

Use it Daily

After a few intial set up issues, I've had no problems syncing in both directions. Though I really would like to se alerts!!


Horrible, horrible product! Continuous problems with syncing data and long waits for customer support. I have missed personal and business apointments due to the inaccuracy with syncing between my iPhone and ACT!. If maintaining your schedule is important, do NOT use this product!

Best Sync System

I Use iClink with CompanionLink Pro to sync my ACT 2009 corporate database of 13,000 contacts. I also use the CompanionLink wireless service. I sync changes both directions between my Iphone 3gs and Windows server 2003 based ACT database. This is the best sync system I have found during the 15 years I have been using ACT. If you need the most up to date info in the field and at the office you can’t beat this system.

Not if you use Outlook with BCM

This software is worthless if you use Microsoft Outlook with BCM (Business Contact manager). It will only sync wireless, is limited to one catagory of contacts BCM or personal contacts, and the cost is $99 (you must use Pro) plus $9.00/mo. to sync wirelessly. The cost would be fine if it did what it should but it does not. Support lady was rude, condesending and unhelpful. After spending 30 minutes trying to make sure my data wasn't blown away I finally discover that the program exports your data from Outlook into the main contact section of the iphone. However, if you have contacts in the main personal folder and the BCM folder you must choose. Their answer is that it would work fine if I had a different phone. Blackberrys supposedly work fine. That's great. I own an Iphone. Pass on this one if you use Outlook with BCM.

Been with it for months

Damn it! It was $39 when I got it and now it's free? WTF? I use it with ACT! and love it. Syncs well 89 out of 90 days. Once a qtr it may be down a few hours.


Create audible alarms

Real Estate Broker

Works very well. I am 100% more organized and MOBILE than before. Well worth the money. ICLink Programmers: 1) Please add audible alarms on iPhone 2) Faster startup would be nice 3) Day of week lable on day view would be a plus 4) Add ability to schedule activities directly from day view (ie. Clicking on a time slot opens a new activity window)

The Boss

For those of you that have too much to do and bill out accordingly, while trying to remember everything, THIS IS THE APP FOR YOU. Running my company and being a single parent, now I know what I'm doing, when Im avail. And my business and personal items are in one place. AND I NO LONGER CO-MINGLE my record or double book! Worth the $ and time it takes to set up.

Does not use the native iPhone data store!

If continuing to use your iPhone's built in Calendar, etc. is important, please note that this app does not read that data. You'll be working with two separate data stores.

Probably OK for Non-Business Users.

After spending a day trying to sync my goldmine database to my Iphone, I was finally told that they don't recommend over 3000 contacts. (I have about 5000) The problem is that every time your phone rings, or you do anything with your phone, your sync is interrupted and you have to start all over. I even put my phone in flight mode overnight and connected via wi-fi, I still could not get a stable enough connection to get through an entire sync. I was never able to get my initial sync done. If you don't start all over you get duplicate records. By start all over, I mean purge and reload your data from your iphone. It was a real hassle. Despite my hope for this product, I will have to stay with my USB cable.

Needs Work

Potential Buyers: Please understand that in addition to this software, you also need CompanionLink Pro (which costs about $100 and only runs on Windows) and you have to sign-up for a $9.95 sync service with CompanionLink. I was looking forward to this in hopes that CompanionLink had fixed some of their problems with their software as it relates to its interoperability with Lotus Notes. However, they have not. 1. Address Book ignores updates on iPhone and adds back in the addresses from Lotus Notes. I finally turned this off it was so annoying. This may be because CompanionLink's sync service is not in a real time push service, but is a two-sided sync intermediary that occurs at certain intervals. Also, it is placing numerous "No Name" entries into my address book... I have no idea what that is about. 2. The software still does not recognize Lotus Notes appointments, only meetings. I also believe certain repeated meetings do not get translated properly. This is really a long-standing issue with their CompanionLink Pro software (as well as CompanionLink for Google). Still has not been resolved. 3. The Calendar sync does not place the calendar entries in the iPhone calendar, but in iClink itself. Could be an advantage/disadvantage, depending on your point of view. 4. The To-Do's are also placed in iClink. This is understandable since Apple has not included a To-Do app as part of their base software. Bottom line... this has a LONG way to go. I am hoping that CommonTime will eventually port their mNotes application to iPhone, as I consider that to be the gold standard for Lotus Notes email and PIM support to handhelds.

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